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Welcome to the Gallery!

If you would like to display your paintings please complete the Booking Form and return to Linda Bywaters at 7 Hillbrow, Reigate Road Reigate, RH2 0QX and e-mail a photo of your painting/s to

If you would like to buy a painting please contact Linda Bywaters by e-mail to - phone or text 07989910774.

All the paintings are original works by Art Events students or associates (click on the thumbnail to enlarge and see details of the painting).

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Strolling Egyptian Geese by Pauline Allbeury

The Cat's Whiskers by Barbara Stevens

A Garden Visit by Diane Stevens

Mum - I'm Flying!!! by Nicola Tourikis

Now - Where Did I Put That Banana? by Nicola Tourikis

Gardening by Anne Ware

Taking A Break - Venice by Fiona Hooper

Young Elegance by Fiona Bates

Little Helpers by Heather Humphrey

Sunday Morning Stroll, Venice by Fiona Hooper

Blustery Day by Fiona Hooper

Ruffled Waters by Fiona Hooper

Jewelled Forest by Sandi Gray

Crescent Moon by Sandi Gray

Seascape 1V by Sandi Gray

Purple Thistles by Sandi Gray

Saffron Light by Joanne Olney

Windy Day, Bouldby Works by Anne Ware

Flash Flood in the Lakes by Anne Ware

Wreck Off Whitby by Anne Ware

Evening by Anne Ware

Cranberry Fields by Genevieve Brown

Hazy Summer by Genevieve Brown

Bearing Up by Barbara Stevens

One Man and My Dog by Barbara Stevens

Topsy Turvey by Barbara Stevens

Lockdown Life 1 by Audrey Gibbs

Lockdown Life 2 by Audrey Gibbs

Lockdown Life 4 by Audrey Gibbs

Luxembourg Gardens - Paris by Diane Stevens

Early Autumn Tuscany by Diane Stevens

Coral Reef by Holly Greenaway (age 10)

Dandelion by Ebru Kocak

Enchantments by Ebru Kocak

Efsun by Ebru Kocak

Snowy by Holly Greenaway (age 10)

Delphiniums at Wisley by Carol Brown

Walking in the Dunes by Carol Brown

Seascape by Carol Brown

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