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On Saturday August 6th we held Summer Painting and Tea at the Barn for members of Art Events, friends and neighbours. The sun shone, people painted, swam, had an alfresco lunch with wine (very Mediterranean!) then tea and cakes. It was a wonderful day of fun and friendship which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. The garden looked beautiful despite the drought!


The ladies enjoying a swim!

Painting in the garden

Painting in the garden

Painting by the pool

Painting in the garden

The banana trees

The lady

The Lady

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Saturday July 19 saw us finally back in the Betchworth Village Hall after 15 months! The workshop was Marblng: The Magic of Painting on Water with Ebru Kocak, a wonderful and inspiring tutor. The day was full of fun and creativity learning about this fascinating and ancient technique. We started with paper and then went on to use wooden objects, fabric bags and silk hankies. Truly a magical day!




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After an exciting and highly rewarding compeitition we are delighted to announce the results of the Art Events 2020 Painting Competition 'Stepping Out and Raising Our Spirits!' With such a high standard in both the childrens' and adult sections we have decided to add a new award the 'Art Events Choice of Star Painting. A big thank you to everyone who submitted their wonderful paintings and to those who voted. It has been a joy to see them and certainly raised all our spirits!


First prize No 1. Sadie Clements

Second prize No 10. Zahra Zafar

Joint Third prize No 18. Zain Zafar

No. 20 Mia Phisatory

Highly Commended No 9. Stanley Taylor



First Prize: No 10. Diane Stevens

Joint Second Prize: No 28. Anne Ware

No 38. Eveline Drut

Third Prize: No 34. Elizabeth Slater

Highly Commended: No 26. Susanna Burleigh



Children First Prize No 1. Sadie Clements

High Commended No. 9 Stanley Taylor


Highly Commended No. 26 Susanna Burleigh

Third Prize: No. 34 Elizabeth Slater

Joint Second Prize: No. 37 Eveline Drut

Joint Second Prize: No. 10 Anne Ware

ADULT First Prize No. 10. Diane Stevens

Joint Third Prize No. 20 Mia Phisatory

Joint Third Prize No 18. Zain Zafar

ART EVENTS CHOICE OF STAR PAINTING and 2nd Prize: No. 10. Zahara Zafar

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1.Sadie Clements watercolour (aged 8)

19. Maria Kostelova - age 8 - Watercolour

20. Mia Phisatory - age 10 - Acrylic

21. Lili Marley - age 7 - Acrylic

22. Tess Kearney - age 8 - Coloured Pencil

23. Thomas Smith - age 8 - Coloured Pencil

25. Bee Starling - age 8 - Coloured Pencil

24. Isabella Thornton - age 10 - Acrylic & Pencil

11. Julien Denham Jones - age 11 - Acrylic

26. Robbie Winning - age 8 - coloured pencil

27. Freddie Winning - Watercolour

10. Zahra Zafar - age 11 - Watercolour

18. Zain Zafar - age 8 - Watercolour

16. Maya Desai - age 8 - Coloured Pencil

15. Lucas Jikemi - age 7 - Coloured Pencil

2 Sienna Greenaway - acrylic (age 7)

3 Isabella Topping - sgraffito with poster paint (age 8)

4 Holly Greenaway - acrylic (age 9)

5 Lilly Greenaway - pen (age 4)

6. Evelyn Oakley - age 8 - Coloured Pencil

7. Arabella Forder - age 9 - acrylic

8. Dixie Cantrell - age 10 - coloured pencil

9. Stanley Taylor - age 10

12. Ronnie Darroch Davis - age 7 - Coloured Pencil

13. Jasmine Tafadar - age 9 - Coloured Pencil

14. Jack McBride - age 9 - Acrylic

17. Max Pawson - age 10 - Watercolour

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Due to the coronavirus we are running an on-line painting competition this year for adults and children. The theme is 'Stepping Out and Raising our Spirits'.

Entries should be sent to between May 25 - 29 and they will then be posted on this page. Everyone can vote then for the winner in both the adults group and the children's group betweeen June 8 - 13. The winning paintings will then be posted on this page and on Facebook. Scroll down and click on the paintings to enlarge.


1. Pam Guess, Oil

22 Nicola Tourikis - pastel

23 Fiona Hooper - Oil

24 Louise Greenaway - acrylic

25 Jean Goulding - acrylic

26 Susanna Burleigh - acrylic and collage

27. Sarah Bond - Oil

28. Anne Ware - Watercolour

30. Sue Skerritt - Mural with chalk and acrylic

31. Joanne Olney - Mixed Media Acrylic on Wood

29. Fiona Bates - Watercolour

32. Lesley Norton - Acrylic

33. Heather Humphrey - Oil

35. Lynn Toulson - Acrylic

34 Elizabeth Slater - Acrylic

36. Carolyn Olton - Mixed Media

37. Eveline Drut - Acrylic

13. Clare Harvey - Ink & Watercolour

21 Anne Dupres -pastel

20 Patricia Booth - watercolour

2. Barry Sullivan Acrylic with Palette Knife

3. Valerie Fitzgerald - Watercolour

4.Suzan Edwards - Pen and Ink

5. Hilary Martin. Pen, ink, w/c, crayon

6. Audrey Gibbs - acrylic

7, Deborah Kreczmer - Mixed Media

8. Jane Brimley - acrylic

9. Caron Fernandes - Pastel

10. Diane Stevens - Oil

11. Pauline Allbeury - Oil

12. Barbara Stevens - Oil

14. Gloria Shilling - Oil

16. Linda Bywaters - Pastel

15. Alan Wiseman - Watercolour

17. Jane Bishop - Oil

18. Sally Cantrell - Watercolour

19. Caroline Howard - Watercolour

38. Liz Lockhart-Mure - Watercolour

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The weekend of July 27th/28th saw our Open Garden and Art Exhibition at The Barn in Springbottom Lane. Despite virtually being washed out on Saturday we had a great result. On Sunday everything came together; sun, people and paintings! We all had a glorious afternoon and raised 1150 for the Reigate and Banstead Women’s aid and were privileged to show the amazing paintings of one survivor from the Refuge in Redhill. The winners of the competition were as follows:

Best in Show - Nicola Tourikis for her wonderful baby orang-utangs

Winner of the Cup also Nicola for the same pair of paintings

Second prize went to Terry Cordery for his stunning seascape

Third prize went to Patricia Stevens for her painting of two hilarious graduates

Highly Commended was Hilary Martin for her lively dogs playing in the snow

Highly Commended also was Julia Thomas for her beautiful dolphins.

Reg and I would like to thank all the artists who submitted their paintings which gave so much pleasure to everyone and which were of such a high standard.

A big thank you also to our helpers who sold the raffle tickets, paintings and cards, served the teas and who helped set up and hang the paintings. Also to those who worked hard after the event clearing the marquee. We couldn’t do it without you!

Once more we would like to express our deep appreciation for the support, love and affection that always accompanies this event.

Pictures below.


Winner of cup and Best in Show

Winner of Cup and Best in Show for Exuberant Life! by Nicola Tourikis

Second Prize 'Exuberant Life!' Terry Cordery

Third Prize 'Exuberant Life' Patricia Stevens

Highly Commended 'Exuberant Life!' Hilary Martin

Highly Commended 'Exuberant Life!' Julia Thomas

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This year we had an Open Garden Weekend plus the art exhibition and competition. As always, we had one day of appalling weather with constant rain on the Sunday. But on Saturday the sun shone and everyone thoroghly enjoyed the garden, the art and the swimming pool! The great difference was our magnificent marquee which we hired from Countess Marquees ( Unlike other years we could relax knowing that it was not going to let in water or blow down and had ample space for the art exhibition, raffle, sales tables and tea tables. Without it we would have been sunk!

We raised 1168 for our charity The Elizabeth Charitable Fund which supports people and organisations in the local community. This year we were donating to Reigate and Banstead Women's Aid Refuge.

The winner of the competition 'Summer in the Garden' was Hugh Walker with his beautiful painting of a birdbath.

Second was Anne Dupres, third Gillian Hein and two Highly Commended for Ruth Harwood and Jennifer Burnett.

Best in Show was won for the second time by Anne Ware with her beautiful 'Into The Light'

The garden was at its best with Reg constantly feeding and watering in the sweltering heat of our summer.

Again, our thanks to all our supporters, artists and volunteers who make this occasion so special filled with fun, love and affection.

Donations to our charity are warmly welcomed (cheques made out to The Elizabeth Charitable Fund and sent to Linda Bywaters, 7 Hillbrow, Reigate Road, Reigate RH2 0QZ)


The Marquee

Interior of the Marquee

Setting Up

In the Pool

The Tea Room

The Birdbath by Hugh Walker (Winner of competition)

The Old Wall

Linda and Reg giving out the prizes

Flowers Galore

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On 7th June 2018 a group of Art Events members with Linda were invited to visit Roger Swan's studio on the grounds of his delightful 17th century cottage just outside Canterbury. After coffee Roger guided us round his beautiful garden and gave a fascinating history of the cottage. Next came a picnic lunch followed by a 2 hour painting session on 'Creative Acrylics: Painting on Perspex.

This was a delightful day out in lovely weather, we had a smooth coach ride down and back (no hold ups on the motorway! plus a terrific lesson by Roger on an unusual method of using acrylics on perspex. The trip was so successful we are planning another one next year!

Pictures below. (Roger will be taking a workshop on Painting on Perspex at Betchworth on 15th September: contact Linda at if you are interested.


Happy on the coach!



Butterfly on Sunflower on Perspex

Cockerel on Perspex

Kingfisher on Perspex

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20th Anniversary Art Exhibition 11th - 13th 2017 August in aid of the Elizabeth Charitable Fund supporting the Meningitis Research Foundation

Reg and I were delighted with the results of our art exhibition on 11th - 13th August in aid of the Meningitis Research Foundation. The sun shone gloriously for two whole days! The event was our most successful yet as we sold 26 paintings and overall raised 2,500.

The winner of Best in Show was Anne Ware with 'Summer in the Piazza'

The winner of the competition 'New Beginnings' was Heather Humphrey with her painting of the schoolgirls.

2nd was Anne Dupre with her 'New Beginnings - Chrysalis'

3rd was Eveline Drut with her Abstract

The two Highly Commended were Susan Geere with her exquisite cats and Elizabeth Slater with another abstract which was also sold.

Jamel Akib's paintings were auctioned and went to Sally Pestride and Deborah Kreczmer.

Sophie Ridge, the young lady who had contracted meningitis and who was an ambassador for the Foundation attended with her family and spoke very movingly about her traumatic experience of the disease.

There was swimming in the pool, teas, cake and wine consumed, the raffle finally given out with some help from the youngsters and overall an atmosphere overflowing with fun, goodwill and affection.


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20th Anniversary Art Exhibition 11th - 13th August 2017 in aid of the Elizabeth Charitable Fund supporting the Meningitis Research Foundation

This year Reg and Linda are raising money for the Meningitis Research Foundation. A young lady from Reigate contracted the disease and despite suffering considerable disabilities has gone on to train to be a nurse in London and her inspiring story is the reason for the fundraising.

There will be original paintings for sale from Art Events students plus local artists, the competition plus a raffle and sales of cards and an anniversary calendar. Teas and home cakes will be on tap in the beautiful garden.


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The annual art exhibition and competition in aid of the Elizabeth Charitable Fund was held on August 21st and 22nd this year where we had to battle howling gales and torrential rain on the Saturday. One tent housing paintings was blown away (by a miracle non of the paintings was harmed and were re-housed in another tent!) but on Sunday the sun shone and everyone enjoyed the exhibition and teas in our beautiful garden. We had a great success selling a total of 24 paintings which exceeded our record of 20 last year. We could not have done this without awonderful team of volunteers who put up tents, hung paintings, served teas, took raffle tickets and sold cards and we are most grateful to them.

The theme of the competition this year was 'A Perfect Day' which drew a record number of entries with a great array of ideas and imagination. The cup for the winner went to Ann Hiller with her lovely painting of mother and children on the beach. Second prize went to Laura Oates, Liz Slater, Susanna Burleigh and Eveline Drut for their imaginative joint entry of sunrise, midday, sunset and a series of little paintings of relaxing things to do on one day. Third prize went to Ruth Howard with another lovely oil painting of a holiday scene with beach huts and children. Two Highly Commended prizes were also awarded to Christine Small for a beautiful pastel portrait of her granddaughter swimming without arm bands for the first time and Anne Dupres for an intriguing and enigmatic painting of two people boating off the coast of Cornwall.

The sales of paintings reached 24 and we raised just over 1500 which will be divided between Calibre Audio Library for the Blind and Visually Impaired and a new playground for the children of the Reigate and Banstead Women's Refuge. this isa great result and our thanks go to everyone who put their paintings in to make it our best art exhibition so far.


'A Perfect Day for Swimming Without Arm Bands for the First Time' by Chris Small Winner Highly Commended

'A Perfect Day for a Rendezvous' by Anne Dupres winner of Highly Commended

'A Perfect Day for Being on Holiday' by Ruth Harwood. Winner of 3rd Prize

' A Perfect Day for Exploring the Beach' by Ann Hiller. Winner of 2016 Compeitition

'A Perfect Day for Relaxing' by Laura Oates Winner of 2nd Prize

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I am delighted to let you know that the art exhibition and competition held on August 14th - 16th at The Barn in Springbottom Lane was a very happy and successful occasion despite some inclement weather!

A total of 20 paintings were sold and the competition on the theme of 'Togetherness' was won by Susan Geere with her exquisite painting 'Mutual Admiration'. Second was the four paintings by Liz Slater, Eveline Drut, Laura Oates and Susannah Burleigh for their innovative idea of all getting together for a day and painting the same scene which, put together, formed an abstract. Third was Jean Goulding for her charming depiction of two little boys gazing at chicks.

The winner of the Best in Show was myself with the owls ' Looking Out' (independently verified!)

Joint second was Susan Geere with 'Mutual Admiration, Fred Gillespie with 'Hedgecourt Lake' and Chris Forsey with' Harbour Scene.

Third was Deborah Kretzmer with 'Gardner's World'.

Congratulations to all.

Reg and I would like to thank, most warmly, all those who contributed not only their paintings, their help in setting up and taking down, stewarding, for serving the teas, helping with the raffle and cards, for the magnificent home-made cakes plus their generous donations, but also for their affection and support throughout which made this a very special event.

For the Elizabeth Charitable Fund we raised 1247!

Thank you again and see you there next year!



Winner Best in Show 'Looking Out' by Linda Bywaters

Winner of 'Togetherness' competition 'Mutual Admiration' by Susan Geere





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On 17th August 2014 Reg and Linda put on an art competition in their home in The Barn, Springbottom Lane, Bletchingley in aid of Motor Neurone Disease. The competition was open to all who attended the Art Events workshops and courses and the theme was ' Summer Pleasures'. An excellent variety of paintings were submitted with the winner being a lovely depiction in oils of artists painting in a garden by Veronica Johnstone, who received a silver cup engraved with her name. Second prize went to Carol Brown for her 'Anyone for Pimms', third went to Heather Humphrey for 'A Walk at Polesden Lacey' and they each received a Marks and Spencer voucher. There were two Highly Commended for Caroline Howard with 'Reading on the Beach' and 'Boats at Rest' by Jennifer Burnett who received a set of travelling watercolour and sketching pencils. Reg gave an amusing 'crit' of each painting and then tea and cakes were served in glorious sunshine! 230 was raised for MND and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. This will now be an annual event at The Barn and there is already eager anticipation of next year's competition.


All the Grittons

Some of the paintings on display

Reg in full flow!

The winning painting

Enjoying tea after the prize giving

Tea in the garden

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On August 18th 2013 Reg and Linda put on an art auction, exhibition and fete in aid of St Catherine's Hospice and Motor Neuone Disease in their garden at The Barn, Bletchingley. Both events were well attended despite the weather misbehaving in the afternoon with wind and rain threatening to lift off the exhibition tent! With stalls selling everything from bric-a-brac to books, children's clothes, toys and home made cakes plus a magician for the children, a real pig, bouncy castle, live music and games the fete raised over 7000.


Setting up the exhibition

All ready to go

The Ukele Band

Anyone for ice-cream?

Am I nearly there!

Time for tea

Magic for the children!

Bouncy castle

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